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Bucks Rule As many of us know, whitetails bucks are very territorial. This is not only evident through their behavior and interaction with other whitetails, but also through signs that they leave behind. Perhaps while scouting for a trophy whitetail buck you have run across a whitetail scrape on the ground. Somewhat similar to how a male dog leaves his mark on areas that “belong to him,” a scrape is utilized by a dominate buck for letting other bucks know that he is in the area. These scrape areas serve as a dual purpose for both the hunter and the...

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Planning for the Hunt A key factor to a successful whitetail hunting trip is the planning and preparation that goes into it beforehand. This consists of getting quality food material out in the field, trail cameras positioned properly, and the ideal hunting locations scouted and setup. Although it seems like hunting season was only yesterday, especially for us here at Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch, it is important for us to prepare for the season to come. Spring and early summer are ideal times to begin planting new food plots and begin scouting new hunting locations. Not all of your outdoor...

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2017 4th of July 3-Day Hunt GIVEAWAY  Apple Creek Whitetails, home of the ultimate whitetails hunting experience is offering a chance to win a hunting trip yet again! Their 4th of July hunt giveaway is currently accepting entries to provide everyone with a chance to win a hunt of a lifetime. This opportunity comes well endorsed by the previous 12+ grand prize winners to have visited Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch. This contest will run until the morning of July 4th, so get your entries in soon! Additionally, you are allowed to enter the hunting contest every day until the contest...

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