"Apple Creek" by Joan White

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"Apple Creek" by Joan White was created exclusively for Apple Creek Whitetails.


REPRINT SIZE:  24"x13" (large)

About Joan White

Joan Whiteʼs visionary creations have inspired many to rethink how we look at nature.

As long as she can remember, Joan has felt the desire to draw the world around her, especially the animals and nature she so loves. Born with a very active imagination, Joan learned she had the ability to see images where others could not, such as in the grain patterns of wood. Merging these two talents, Joan layers transparent oil paint onto unusual wood slices creating multidimensional, lifelike paintings of the forest and itʼs creatures.

Joan prefers burl wood, but enjoys any type of wood with character including birch, maple, cherry, black walnut, oak and ash. Depending on size, a painting can take a week to finish or as long as several months. Choosing and preparing the wood is also important. Joanʼs husband Ken cuts the wood, cures it for a year or more, kiln dries the wood, planes and sands every piece until each is glassy smooth. The final painting is finished with several coats of wood sealer.

After earning her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, White moved to Lakewood, Wisconsin, a small town in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. There she purchased a quaint little church that today serves as her studio and gallery.

Her highly imaginative artwork is collected worldwide and has been featured in several
international publications.